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Stephany is a singer and vocal coach who has been a frontwoman for over 15 years in her various projects. With her band Kassogtha, she has recorded 2 studio albums, 1 EP and has toured all over Europe since 2016. She is a graduate of the Vocal Technique Institute.



Kassogtha is Stephany's main project since 2013 (formerly known as "Deus Ex Machina"). The band recorded their first album "A New World To Come" in 2017 in Geneva, followed by their first European tour and concerts in Switzerland, France, Belgium and Italy.


Renamed KASSOGTHA in 2019, the band recorded their first EP "The Call" at Soundfarm Studio with Anna Murphy (Cellar Darling, Ex-Eluveitie) and continues with a European tour bringing them to the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands.


In 2022, Kasogtha will release his new concept album "rEvolve" recorded and produced at Studio Gröndal in Stockholm, with David Castillo (Opeth, Leprous, Decapitated, Soen & many more).


This same year, the band will be particularly active on the Swiss scene with concerts opening for Samael (Dachstock, Bern)Amorphis/Coroner/Orbit Culture (z7 Wild Dayz Festival, Pratteln)Cellar Darling (KUFA, Lyss) or Triptykon (The Docks, Lausanne).


Born into a family of musicians with eclectic tastes, Stephany fell in love with metal music thanks to her father, who introduced her to bands such as System Of A Down, Slipknot and Marilyn Manson, by recording music videos on VHS and regularly taking them to record stores and many concerts.

It was when she discovered the band Rammstein that her vision of music was completely changed and she decided to found her very first project, at the age of 15. Stephany will first make his debut as a guitarist, accomplishing her first stage experiences and recording some demos. The band's first singer deciding to leave the ship, the group will cross a hollow period, struggling to find someone to replace him. It was one day when she came home from school, her bands all screaming into her mp3 headphones, that Stephany said to herself "If these people can sing like that, I should be able to do it too!".  She will therefore take the microphone by default and make her first singing experiences as an autodidact.




Following her first experiences, Stephany developed a passion for singing and more particularly for saturated/extreme vocals. To perfect her technique, she will be followed for many years by vocal coach Mo Millar, with whom she will also participate in various vocal technique and artistic development courses.


Thanks to this meeting,  Stephany will discover a new vocation: that of becoming a vocal coach and also being able to share her experience and guide other singers in their careers. She therefore began to give her first singing lessons, then trained professionally as a vocal coach at the Vocale Technique Institute with Stéphanie Dumouch. A training from which she will graduate with honors.

In August 2023, Stephany opened her own vocal coaching studio dedicated to rock and metal: SHOUT ALOUD STUDIO.

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